Klingspor Sandpaper Roll PL 31 B

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Width x Length in mm: 95 x 50000
Grit: 60
Amount per pack: 1 Piece
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PL 31 B – the ideal abrasive orange roll for a large number of different surfaces

The abrasive orange paper roll PL 31 B has proven to be the ideal abrasive for flawless finishing on wooden surfaces and decorating on varnish, paint and fillers. Offering a multitude of application options, this abrasive paper makes it possible to work on surfaces large and small with maximum precision. Greatly appreciated by motivated do-it-yourselfers and professional craftsmen alike, the abrasive roll PL 31 B comes in various grit sizes and is a must-have for every toolbox.

Flexible use on surfaces, corners and edges

The abrasive roll PL 31 B with paper backing (B-paper) is recommended for a wide range of purposes such as use in combination

  • with an orbital sander on larger surfaces, and
  • with a sanding block for sanding jobs carried out by hand and on smaller surfaces as well as use
  • as abrasive paper for corners, edges and rounded surfaces.

This abrasive on a roll is suitable for universal use. It can be effortlessly torn off in the size needed. This allows the user to adjust it perfectly to the job at hand.

Semi-open coating for flawless results

The semi-open coating ensures that the swarf is cleanly removed from the surface. It also delivers exceptional grinding performance at only moderate stock removal. This technology is a particularly good choice for all applications on hard wood, varnish, paint and fillers. The abrasive roll PL 31 B can produce coarser or exceptionally smooth surfaces depending on the selected grit. While a coarse grit is primarily recommended for smoothing out surfaces or chamfering edges, a fine grit - 220 or higher - is the grit of choice for surface finishing. It is advisable to break up the grinding process into multiple steps to ensure optimum efficiency and perfect results. You start off by working with a coarse grit first. You then proceed with a succession of finer grit sizes until you produce the desired result.

Hard, tough and effective – that is aluminium oxide in a nutshell

Aluminium oxide is a widely used abrasive, also used by Klingspor for the abrasive roll PL 31 B. Its tremendous hardness makes this mineral the preferred choice for many products, e.g. abrasive paper and cutting-off wheels. Glue is used to bond the material to the B-paper of the abrasive roll PL 31 B.


Bonding agent Glue
Grain Aluminium oxide
Coating Semi-open
Backing B-paper







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