FAMAG Bormax 2.0 Centre Drill Prima (Pilot Guided), forstner bit

FAMAGSKU: 1624.016.00

OØ - Outer Diameter (mm): 16
SØ - Shank Diameter (mm): 10
Overall Length (mm): 90
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FAMAG Bormax 2.0 Centre Drill Prima (Pilot Guided), forstner bit

Made in Germany 
Alloyed tool steel 

With the Famag Bormax 2.0 drilling will be easier and heat build-up less than ever before! The tool life between resharpening is significantly longer and overall you will profit from the considerably longer service life of the Bormax 2.0! 

The Bormax Centre Drill Forstner Bit, with a central tube in which to fix a normal bit as a drilling guide, permits one to precisely drill, free hand, large holes in situations where the hole must be drilled at an angle, for instance the holes to take spindles on a stair railing. The bit is designed to be used on soft woods, hardwoods, particle board, and MDF.

The pilot bit is fixed into the main bit with an Allen wrench, and it can be exchanged for a shorter point, to allow one to make flat-bottomed holes in thinner materials where one does not want to drill through the piece, as with a normal Bormax Forstner bit. The hole to take the guide bits extends all the way through the Bormax bit's shaft to allow jammed or frozen bits to be pushed out using a special rod included with every kit.

    This innovative drill bit can be used both freehand and in stationary drilling equipment. It produces absolutely clean and dimensionally correct boreholes.

    Suitable for softwood, hardwood, particle boards, MDF.

    Recommended speed 750 - 2500 rpm

    All dimensions in mm unless stated otherwise.

    Accuracy according to factory standard -0.05 mm

    If you ever need to resharpen your Famag Bormax forstner bits, please look at our online resharpening guide by clicking here.

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