FAMAG Depth Stop Supported by Ball Bearing for FAMAG Forstner Bits

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for OØ - Outer Diameter (mm): Ø10-22mm
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Famag Depth stop for Forstner bits

Simply choose the outer diameter range of the forstner bit(s) you are using.

Depth stop supported by ball bearing for FAMAG-Forstner bits with exchangeable guide bushings.

The depth stop is mounted on the shaft of the forstner bit. Afterwards the drilling depth can be adjusted. This makes it possible to drill blind holes with exactly the same depth at all times. The bushings are rotatably supported by ball bearings and thus produce no disturbing marks on the workpiece surface.

For larger drilling depths, it is possible to mount the guide bushing upside down. This way a greater adjustement range of the depth stop is achieved.

Depth Stop made of resistant ABS plastic, guide bushing made of steel.

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