Mirka Polarshine Polishing Compounds / Polarshine System

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Mirka Polarshine Polishing Compounds / Polarshine System

Mirka's polishing compounds will help you achieve a perfect finish in all your polishing processes. Mirka offers the best polishing compound for all paint systems and for polishing scratch-resistant clear coats. Our polishing compounds are cost-effective, safe and easy to use.  

All Polarshine Polishing Compounds deliver a lasting high gloss end result and are silicone-free.

Polarshine Polishing Compoung Guide:
Mirka Polarshine Guide / Tooltitan.com.au

 Which Polishing Compound is suitable for which application?

Polarshine 45
A coarse and fast cutting polishing compound that helps you save time and still achieve a perfect deep gloss finish. Removes sanding scratches from P600 and finer quickly and permanently. Designed for hard surfaces and coatings, especially within the marine sector. Used in both production and restoration processes, Polarshine® 45 is ideal for one-step polishing of white and light-coloured gel coat surfaces. For darker colours, we recommend a second step with Polarshine® 10 to remove swirl marks.

Polarshine 35
Polarshine 35 is a coarse polishing compound developed for demanding Industrial and Marine applications. Suitable for materials such as gel coats, high gloss lacquers and composites. This is a fast and efficient compound, producing a high surface gloss and thus enabling you to minimize the sanding steps. This polishing compound has special emulsifying properties, which reduce the risk of drying out or overheating the surface. The viscosity of Polarshine 35 reduces splashing and makes it is easy to use.

Polarshine 15
This advanced cutting formulation is the quick and easy polishing option for efficiently producing a premium surface finish on both freshly applied and established paintwork. Rather than cover up scratches, Polarshine 15 actually polishes them out before your eyes to leave a first class gleam. It is cost effective, safe and easy to use. Water-based and silicon-free. Polarshine 15 is designed to be used for machine applications.

Polarshine 5
Polarshine 5 is a unique polishing compound developed to give a superior high gloss finish on various paints and lacquers. Polarshine 5 is a water-based, silicone-free polishing compound removing swirl marks on paints and clear coats, leaving a high gloss finish. The compound is also suitable for blending of old and new paint work. It is also well suited as a last step in the polishing process.

Liquid nano wax
- Liquid wax for quick sealing of polished surfaces & for use with the microfiber cloth.
Polarshine® Liquid wax is efficient and easy to work with. It gives a good finish and excellent results on dark color surfaces. Easy to clean up the residue. Leaves no color staining on paint finish.

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