How to resharpen the Famag Bormax 2.0 forstner bit?
An Online Resharpening Guide

April 29,2020


The Resharpening Guide for the Famag Bormax 2.0 Range.

For more than 150 years, the German company Famag has been manufacturing quality drilling tools. One of the best-known and most innovative products from Famag is the Bormax 2.0 forstner bit, which is available in a standard version or a pilot-guided version with a pre-drill and center point.

A great advantage of the Famag Bormax 2.0 is that you can also resharpen the Bormax once it becomes dull (which usually only happens after drilling many hundreds or even thousands of holes).

If you want to resharpen your Bormax we've got you covered with our Online Resharpening Guide for the Bormax 2.0 forstner bit.

Step 1: Main Cutting Edge Grinding

The first step should be the grinding of the main cutting edge of the Bormax 2.0. Please only grind the bottom of the main cutting edge with a corundum grinding wheel (as shown in the pictures below)

Step 2: Grinding the taper tap

The cutters of the circumference need to have the same sharpness for an optimal cut while using the Bormax forstner bit. Grind the inner side of every cutter with a small rotating mounted point. It is very important that the taper tap (first teeth behind the main cutting edge) lies 0.2 mm above the main cutting edge.

Safety arrangements: We urgently recommend to use an expert (and provide them with this guide) or a declared sharpening service to sharpen your Bormax. The Bormax loses its functionality if its geometries are not kept.

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You can also download the Resharpening Guide as a .pdf here.

Famag Bormax Resharpening Guide