FAMAG Extensions for forstner bits

FAMAGSKU: 1639.011.00

IØ | OØ | SØ (mm): 8 | 16 | 10
Total length | effective/usable length (mm): 80 | 50
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FAMAG Extensions for forstner bits (Bormax etc.)

IØ = Inner Diameter
OØ = Outer Diameter
SØ = Shank Diameter

To fit to your Famag forstner bit, simply choose an extensions with an inner diameter matching the shank diameter of your forstner bit.

The extensions can be used for the extension of all cylinder boring bits or all tools with Ø of shank 8, 10, 12, 13 mm. 

Perfect for drilling deep holes, also for turnery. Only limited suitable for drilling end grain (especially hard wood) because there is considerable strain on the drill chuck

Ø of the shank 10 mm, or 13 x 30 mm. With four attachment screws for fixing. Solid quality. The shank of Ø 13 mm has three clamping surfaces

Made out of tool steel. In combination with extentions please use less speed.

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