Klingspor PS 11 A Sanding Sheets, 230 x 280 mm

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Dimension in mm: 230 x 280
Grit: 220
Amount per Pack: 50 Pieces
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Ideal for auto repair applications – the abrasive sheets PS 11 A

With the PS 11 A is offering abrasive sheets that offer unrivalled performance during car repair. It is ideally suited for hard and tough material surfaces. In practice, the abrasive material can be applied to:

  • filler,
  • paint and varnish,
  • and
  • plastic.

The high adaptability, high stability and excellent water resistance characterize the sanding sheet PS 11 A . This superb product proves equally beneficial during professional applications and private use at home.

High-quality sanding sheet with high flexibility

The sanding sheet PS 11 A is mainly used in the field of car repair and in the paint shop and provides the user with outstanding service. This high-quality abrasive sets itself apart with its exceptional flexibility and resistance to water. These incomparable characteristics allow the product to be used for demanding tasks over extended periods of time. Anyone who chooses this sanding sheet will receive a high-performance product consisting of silicon carbide , which has a hard, sharp-edged structure. The abrasive sheets PS 11 A are suitable for a comprehensive range of hand sanding applications.

Abrasive sheets PS 11 A – special product with a close coating

The abrasive material PS 11 A is distinguished by its grain, which is suitable for wet and dry sanding, applied with a close coating to a paper backing (A-paper) and bonded with a synthetic resin bond. These abrasive sheets always show the same excellent performance - whether they are used for dry or wet sending. The user can select from an exhaustive selection of coarse to fine grits, which ensures that they will find the grit size that matches their application best. The benefits of this product include its extensive range of applications from surface sanding to the sanding of heavily profiled parts such as those found on vehicle bodies. These singular abilities make this abrasive also an excellent choice for challenging repair jobs on vehicle surfaces or other kinds of painted surfaces.



Bonding agent Resin
Grain SiC
Coating Close
Backing A-paper



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