Clean and efficient

Klingspor sets industry-wide standards in terms of energy efficiency and environmentally friendly production. In its production facilities for abrasives in Germany, the company has installed a regenerative thermal post-combustion plant (RTNV).

"The exhaust air of our production line is now twice as clean than legally required – and with 25 per cent less energy consumption," explains Dr. Steffen Neu, Chairman of the Board of Klingspor AG.

The abrasives lines are dried at over 100 degrees Celsius and the adhesives and varnishes emit gases during this process.
With the help of the RTNV, the hazardous substances in the exhaust air are burned off at about 850 degrees Celsius.

The RTNV is particularly efficient because the combustion of the flue gases creates thermal energy which is used via a heat accumulator to heat the as yet unclean air to just under 780 degrees Celsius. The additional combustion therefore requires only a small volume of natural gas – which is good for the environment and therefor for all of us.

Cleanly peeled - Abrasives are used where they are least expected.

Klingspor grinding products are also used where they are least expected. The company Börde Vita in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany uses them to peel potatoes – in a carborundum process.

Börde Vita in Germany processes around 60 tonnes of potatoes from its own agricultural operation – daily. Before the potatoes are allowed in the peeling plant, they pass through quality control, are washed and dirt is removed. This is then followed by many stages of peeling. Six rollers per peeling stage are arranged in a semi-circle in the machine. Each roller is covered with 25 metres of abrasive paper – all approved for use with food – and rubs off the potato peel by rotating. The coated abrasives that are supplied are produced for special belt dimensions and can last up to half a year. 

Once the potatoes have been ground clean, they are diced into the various commercial shapes – from quarters to cubes and slices. From here, the peeled and diced potatoes go to the wholesalers and later into school canteens, nursing homes, hospitals and restaurants. 

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